Phil Fisher – Founder & Chairman

Fisher leads the REACH team and all REACH Solutions, including Energy and Technology Microgrid, Academic Collaboration, Emerging Technology and Government Relations initiatives.  Fisher’s entrepreneurial career spans 30+years, spent largely as an educator, including 11yrs teaching at Columbia College and as consultant to government offices both U.S. and abroad, including City of Chicago Mayor’s Office; City of Miami Mayor’s Office; City of Philadelphia; Rio de Janeiro; U.S. Virgin Islands Office of the Governor, Office of Tourism, and Dept. of Agriculture.  Fisher has been widely sought for his insights and expertise in driving economic development and tourism, including work with numerous Island Nation Governments throughout the Caribbean resulting in over $145 Million in economic impact.  Fisher has consulted and advised government, and participated in Legislative and Energy Committee hearings, as well as supported, drafted and passed into law, bills for Renewable Energy legislation and Feed-in-Tariff.

Luis M. Souchet – Principal, International Business Development

Souchet leads REACH international business development globally, directing new venture development and implementation.  Souchet has over 30 years of experience in worldwide business development & management in Petroleum, Mining & Commodities industries.  As Business Development Director Innovative Systems Network de Mexico, he was responsible for new venture development and implementation, commercial operations, international negotiations, startup trading operations and relationship development with Mexico’s energy companies i.e. Pemex and Comision Federal de Electricidad.  Souchet has also directed the new venture development opportunities in ECOWAS African countries, the Americas, Asia and Middle East, and initiated numerous other transactions in energy, mining & commodities sectors.  He created a joint venture with Naveria Armamex, crude oil & fuels transportation services company.  Souchet served as mandate for a well-established Louisiana-based company with 49 years of experience in the oil industry, whose business included refining, processing, marketing, principal net purchasers, production, transportation, logistics and construction.

Matt Ghiasi – Principal, Technology & Project Management

Ghiasi guides the development of REACH Advanced Technologies, and is responsible for REACH project management, including the REACH College/University Microgrid initiatives, and energy usage monitoring, data collection, evaluation and reporting.  Ghiasi handles all aspects of Project Management Planning and Organizational Development to identify the specific tasks, responsibilities and time-lines.  In addition, Ghiasi coordinates the thermal and electrical energy requirements and sizing systems requirements.  Ghiasi holds a Master’s Degree in Geotechnical Engineering from the University of Kentucky and has more than 30 years of experience in engineering design, environmental remediation, technology integration, project & operations management and business development.