REACH Innovation Centers (REACH) introduces, tests, integrates and commercializes emerging technologies into the global marketplace. REACH serves as the nucleus that utilizes the earth’s sustainable energy resources in an effort to make our world more pure and more productive.

As REACH establishes new facility centers for technology innovation globally, it fosters energy technology advancement and integration, as well as market introduction and exposure for the latest most-advanced cutting-edge technology. REACH provides innovative technologies that have been successfully tested and can now be scaled to the demands and benefits of specific industry applications for commercial properties, residential community, government facilities and utility-scale facilities.

REACH provides an innovative and comprehensive energy efficiency and power generation management strategy. Our approach includes an evaluation of site-specific geographic and climatic conditions of a proposed location and conducting a feasibility study in order to identify and fully understand all of the elements that may effectively contribute to power generation and the use of integrated technologies. Based upon the results of our feasibility study analysis, REACH will design a customized and comprehensive plan to develop and install sustainable green technology systems utilizing a variety of proven and innovative technologies. We have developed a unique method for combining and optimizing various technologies in order to achieve maximum power generation output. This process of evaluation, selection and integration of technologies is customized for each project.

Innovative and Emerging Technology Integration

  • Renewable Energy Power Generation
  • Advanced Technology Solar Panels
  • Advanced Wind Technology
  • Advanced Battery Storage Technology
  • Ocean Wave Power Generation
  • Advanced Organic Rankine Cycle Technology
  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction Technology

REACH delivers breakthrough global technologies that lead to:

  • Local business economy stimulation
  • Environmental wellness
  • Student/academic collaborations
  • Workforce training and job creation

The REACH review process analyzes proposed new technologies for soundness of concept, marketplace application and management, and then facilitates necessary testing, production, and delivery of innovative ideas to market.

The goal is to create strategic global partnerships for the testing, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of the latest and most-advanced technologies, in order to meet the market demand for emissions reduction, energy efficiency, and renewable energy production as further stipulated by the recent Paris Climate Change Agreement.  The global renewable energy field continues to transform as a vast and expansive industry that requires ongoing development, infrastructure upgrades, workforce training, and new technology products and solutions.

Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Sustainable Technologies

Energy Efficiency Technology

Energy Management Technology Systems

Wastewater Treatment

  • Minimizes Bio-solids
  • Significant Energy Savings
  • Eliminates Digester Aeration
  • Agriculture Safe and Beneficial

Sensors, Controllers, Solid State Relays, and Software

  • Link Electrical, Mechanical, and Electronic Devices to Networks and Computers
  • Monitor, Control, and Collect Date from Machines and Devices

Automated Facility Intelligence Monitoring

  • Reduced Energy and Operational Expenses
  • Prioritized Capital Spending Projects
  • Improved Operational Effectiveness
  • Real-Time Analytics & Reporting Data

Advanced Organic Rankine Cycle

  • Generates Energy from Captured Waste Heat 
  • Closed Loop System & Zero Emissions
  • 24-Hour Renewable Energy Power Generation


  • Advanced Battery Management System
  • Renewable Energy Power 24/7/365
  • Power Generation for Off-Grid Remote Areas

Advanced Waste Gas Conversion Process

  • Eliminates Environmentally Harmful Pollutants
  • Reduces CO, CO2, SOX and NOX pollutants

Electric Vehicle Transportation Systems

  • Renewable Energy Powered Bus Transportation System
  • Free Interactive Technology Engages Commuting Passengers
  • Revenue Generation

Advanced Energy Storage Battery

  • Significantly Greater Energy Storage Capacity
  • Lighter, Smaller, Faster Charging
  • Cooler Batteries
  • Lower Cost Installation


  • Consumes less Energy vs. Conventional Heating and Cooling
  • Can Move More Heat for Every Unit of Electricity Needed to Power the System

Combined Heat and Power Systems

Hydroelectric and Wave Energy


Wind Turbines

Intelligent Traffic Technology