REACH offers a variety of global technology resources that enhance the overall quality of the experience for users of our systems.  These technologies can be deployed independently or integrated within an overall energy efficiency and renewable energy solution.

Each of these resources delivers savings and/or revenue generation, which is quantified by REACH estimates during the project development phase, based on the goals of each system.  Following is a partial listing of REACH Technology Resources:

  1. Fiber Optics – Offers virtually unlimited bandwidth, enabling seamless operational deployment and monitoring of smart systems and an enhanced campus experience
  2. WiFi Automation – Establishes/optimizes free WiFi network throughout the campus, enabling enhanced and automated communication, security, paper/printing reduction and advertising revenue
  3. LED Street Lights – Intelligent Traffic Technology deploys LED streetlight innovation with many optional features, including solar panels, battery storage, laser technology, and two-way WiFi communication that improves efficiency, security and safety
  4. Solar Charging Stations – Provides outdoor on-campus power solutions for portable electronic devices via solar energy power generation
  5. EV Solar Carport Charging – Increased demand for electric vehicle transportation, along with reduced costs creates the need for greater on-campus access to EV charging points
  6. Biodegradable Plastics – Utilizing disposable plastics with cafeteria, concession, and event needs is economical and reduces landfill