The vision of REACH Institute for Sustainability Education (RISE) is university communities that are environmentally conscious and reflect sustainability in their work, educational activity, behavior, and the key products and services used. REACH aims to transition universities to sustainable, energy independent campuses that serve as a paradigm for communities worldwide.

Our mission is to reduce global warming, using college and university campuses as the key sustainability and educational platform, in tandem with projects to advance and integrate renewable energy technology. We partner with qualified academic institutions as catalysts for renewable energy system research, testing, training, and societal education, incorporating education of staff, faculty, students, local businesses and community residents of the importance of sustainable business and personal practices. We believe this mission is integral to the purity, productivity and very survival of our globe for today and tomorrow.

To gradually transition to a community and economy that is fully prepared for shifts in the global marketplace, RISE will integrate training in the core areas of sustainable systems that support themselves and their surroundings, as defined by their three core elements: Environmental Protection, Social Development, and Economic Development.  Along this path to sustainability, solutions must be viable, equitable and bearable.

College and university campuses must lead the charge for the preservation of our global resources because they are responsible for presenting themselves as leaders in their communities and across the globe, and because it is in these institutions that professionals are molded into leaders. The REACH Academic Collaboration model encourages each campus to become educated participants in the ongoing sustainability mission. REACH provides curriculum development along with opportunities for students and professionals to become global ambassadors, and to participate in technology research, government partnerships, and working groups.  This model enables and promotes continued innovation and responsible environmental stewardship.



From managing conferences and course design to connecting with global student sustainability organizations and local businesses and governments, REACH partners to create a foundation that ensures that students, faculty, and staff are empowered as lifelong stewards of sustainability. REACH will work with each campus to apply innovative approaches to ambitious sustainability goals that span all areas within the university, including physical operations and resources, planning and governance, research and education, and campus and public engagement. The goal is to implement a Strategic Sustainability Plan that will be well integrated into decision-making, and the daily life of the campus community.


RISE Sustainability Initiatives

Strategic Sustainability Plan

  Physical Operations & Resources

    Planning & Governance

  Education & Research

  Campus & Public Engagement

Academic Collaboration

  Global Ambassadors

  Government Partnerships

  Working Groups

  Technology Research

  Technology Transfer

Training & Education


  Fiber Optics

  Curriculum Development

Corporate & Government Training

  Sustainable Development

  Corporate Social Responsibility

  Stakeholder Theory


  Public Policy & Legislation

Event Management

  Sustainability Symposiums

  Industry Conferences

  Energy Challenges & Competitions

  Technology Expos

  And more…



REACH and its project development team identify available renewable energy resources, and deploy energy efficient Microgrid, renewable energy technologies that seamlessly shifts partner campuses toward energy independence, storage, and reliance; peak load reduction; elimination of blackouts; and favorable long-term ROI. These critical components allow your campus to transition into a sustainable future.

We ensure the success of our Campus Sustainability Initiative by following our 5-Phase Methodology, focusing on our Goals & Strategies, and applying the Keys to Success.